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Fracture Simulation in Materials DISROC Disroc

A great variety of classical or new constitutive models are available in DISROC
for bulk materials (geomaterials, composites), interfaces and fractures, and reinforcements (fibers, rockbolts ...)

Examples of material models

    • Solid materials:

   - Elastic-plastic behavior
- Linear isotropic or anisotropic elasticity
- Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager, Hoek & Brown  plastic failure criteria

- Anisotropic Darcy’s law for hydraulic diffusion

Rock Sample

     • Discontinuities: fractures, faults, rock joints, masonry joints and interfaces:

- Non linear elasticity (hyperbolic model for limiting joint closure)
- Mohr-Coulomb strength criterion (cohesion, friction angle)
- Non linear elasticity with softening strength criterion (Barton-Bandis model)
- Cohesive zone model for damaging joints and interfaces

- Poiseuille’s law for flow in fractures
Joint - Interface
    • Reinforcements (cables, bars, FRP)
- Elastic-plastic model for the rod
- Elastic-plastic model for rock–grout interface (tangent elastic stiffness, cohesion and friction angle)
- Damaging cohesive zone model for rock–grout interface
Tube models for flow through cable holes

Bolt crossing Fracture
    • Bolts, beams and shells (bending property):
- Elastic-plastic model for steel rod with bending modulus
- Elastic-plastic model for rock–grout interface
- Damaging cohesive zone model for rock–grout interface

Bolt crossing Fracture

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