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Finite Element Method is the most powerful numerical method for modeling mechanical, hydraulic and thermal behaviour of engineering structures. However, its use in the presence of great number of discontinuities like cracks and fractures poses difficulties related to appropriate mesh creation. DISROC has solved this problem. Its powerful meshing tool DISCRAC® allows easily creating a conform mesh with special Joint Elements for cracks and fractures, and Beam or Bolt Elements for reinforcements.

DISROC is a Finite Element code specially conceived for modeling materials containing discontinuities like fractures or linear reinforcements. It allows extending the use of the powerful Finite Element Method to modeling geotechnical projects in fractured rocks and masonry structures as well as to the analysis of cracking in geomaterials, deformation of metal alloys and polymers, analysis of Fiber Reinforced Composites and a large variety of problems of materials and structures.

The functionalities and catalog of materials of Disroc cover three different domains of engineering or research problems :

Tunnels : for modeling tunnel excavation and design of support and lining,
Geomechanics : for analysis of deep tunnels, underground storage, nuclear waste disposal, petroleum engineering problems,
Geotechnics : for design of projects in fractured rockmasses, analysis of rock slope stability and retrofitting of masonry structures,
Composits : for application to modeling metal alloy polycrystals and fiber composites.

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Borehole Image
Slope Staility / Bolting





Effective properties of fractured media and masonry walls

Bolts, cables and fibers with non linear contact behavior
Rock Bolt
Hydraulic Flow and Thermal Diffusion in Fractured Porous Media
Coupled THM processes in Fractured Porous Media
Fluid Pressure Effects

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