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Fracture Simulation in Materials DISROC GEOMECHANICS Borehole

DISROC allows modeling coupled Therom-Hydro-Mechanical processes fractured porous media.
In the standard version of DISROC:
and the coupling between these phenomena is introduced by the thermal expansion and the Biot coefficients (thermo-poroelasticity).

In the advanced version of Disroc, coupling effects from mechanics to hydraulic and from thermal to hydraulic (thermal pressurization) can also be modeled as user defined couplings.

Disroc has a rich catalog of no linear constitutive models for bulk materials, interfaces and reinforcements.

Constitutive models available in Disroc include anisotropic elasticity, plasticity with hardening (isotropic, kinematic) as well as viscoplasticity and damage.

Interface models in Disroc cover advanced cohesive zone models allowing the simulation of mixed modes fracture propagation.

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanichal coupled phenomena around petroleum boreholes, deep underground oil and gas storage caverns and shafts, deep nuclear waste disposal etc. have been modeled by DISROC.

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Excavation Safety of Storage Cavern in Granite
Joint Shear Stress

Creep and Convergence of Salt Caverns

Salt Cavern
Hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells

Fractured borehole

Fracture propagation in heterogeneous shale
Shale details
Strain localization and shear band formation in quasi-brittle rocks
Shale details

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