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The Finite Element code DISROC is specially conceived for modeling materials containing discontinuities like cracks or fractures as well linear reinforcements like fibers in composite materials. It allows extending the use of the powerful Finite Element Method to modeling cracking of metal alloys and polymers and to the analysis of the behavior of Fiber Reinforced Composites and other heterogeneous materials.

Disroc has advanced functionalities for determining the effective or homogenized behavior of materials.

Disroc has a rich catalog of no linear constitutive models for bulk materials, interfaces and reinforcements.

Constitutive models available in Disroc include anisotropic elasticity, plasticity with hardening (isotropic, kinematic) as well as viscoplasticity and damage.

Interface models in Disroc cover advanced cohesive zone models allowing the simulation of mixed modes fracture propagation.

Reinforcement elements in Disroc can have elastic-plastic behavior, and also bending stiffness (beam elements). Their contact with the matrix can include perfect bonding, frictional contact, plasticity and damage.


Cyclic Fatigue of Polycrystalline Materials
Effect of grain boundary sliding on the strain rate sensitivity of metal alloys
Grain Rotation
Fracture propagation in heterogeneous quasi-brittle material
Shale details
CZM for Mixed Mode Crack Propagation

CT40 Sample
Effective Properties of Fractured, Cracked and Fiber Reinforced Materials Homogenization

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