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Fracture Simulation in Materials

Fracsima is a software development company working specially on modeling tools for fractured materials. Fracsima softwares aim to the numerical analysis and simulation of coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical phenomena in multi-fractured materilas. Their field of applications covers the modeling of geomaterials and rock formations for civil engineering, mining and oil & gas manufacturing problems, as well as the analysis of fracture propagation in metal alloys, polymers and composites for mechanical industrie. The main softwares developped by Fracsima are:

DISROC is a general purpose Finite Element code specially conceived for modeling media containing discontinuities like fractures, cracks, rockjoints and masonry joints, as well as linear reinforcements like rockbolts and composites fibers in reinforced polymers and concrete. Disroc includes a large variety of non-linear constitutive laws and allows taking into account thermal and fluid pressure effects.

DISRCAC is a FEM mesh generating tool for fractured media used as preprocessor for DISROC and POROFIS.

POROFIS is a code derived from Disroc and specially conceived for modeling coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical and Chemical phenomena in porous fractured media. Porofis is designed for research-type applications and allows taking into account user defined coupling models and material constitutive laws.  A free version of Porofis can be downloaded here.

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